The Sustainable Trendsetters Platform is a cross-disciplinary project developed with the financial support of Udlodningsmidler. The project partners are Copenhagen Business School, Center of Corporate Social Responsibility; SokFok Studio; SADELO CPH; Københavns Kommune, Børne- og Ungdomsforvaltningen; Skoletjenesten at the Danish Museum of Art & Design; Sønderbro Skole and Trekroner Skole. The material builds on research carried out under the framework of Mistra Future Fashion and research into state-of-the-art educational material.

Being a pilot project, we continue to work on the platform. We welcome all feedback on its use and content.



Our team is way bigger than this but here you have the four crazy ones that got a bit more involved in the development of this pilot platform.

Ana Diaz

Creative Director

Kirsti R. Andersen PhD

Project Manager

Vicky Yang


Valentine Ammeux

Information Designer

Ana founded SokFok Studio 7 years ago and since then she has participated in more than 50 projects where she has led media teams to provide a holistic communication service to research projects. Some of her clients are: University of the Arts London, Ethical Fashion Forum, Central Saint Martins, Copenhagen Business School,  and Turner Broadcast LTD.

 Kirsti worked as a Research and Project Manager at the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design (CIID) for 5 years, where she  worked with innovation processes, people centered design, and fundraising, both taking part in consultancy and in research projects. Now Kirsti works at the Copenhagen Business School (CBS) and she just finished her PhD!

Vicky Yang is a multimedia designer and illustrator with work experience across both Asia and Europe. Specialising in combining design and motion graphic animation for clients in advertising, retail, education and NGO.

Based in Bangkok and London.

Valentine has been working freelance for over 9 years in Paris and London. She graduated from Central Saint-Martins with a Masters in Visual communication in 2010. She has great experience in Branding, Publishing and Signage.