Fabrics are everywhere.


We wear them as clothes. We use them to furnish our houses, schools and offices. We even use them to build cars.


Fabrics are becoming smart. They can read our heartbeats, tell us how fast we run and how long for. Technology and textiles are fusing and developing new and exciting materials. Check out this video to see how Google and Levi's are collaborating to create the textiles of the future.


But where do fabrics come from and how come there are so many different types?

Learn about the two kinds of fabrics: natural and man-made

  • Material Science
  • Sustainability

2.2 Natural and Manmade fibres

This section is a basic introduction to textiles. You will learn about what the nature of textiles is, what they are made of, and how they are built.

  • Material Science
  • Sustainability

This activity will guide you through the chemistry behind natural dyes.

  • Technology
  • Sustainability

2.1 Introduction to textiles

2.3 Chemistry activity